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North Berkeley - California

Over the pst six years, Sarah Hoffman has worked with us to remodel and renovate our home. She has listened carefully to what we had to say about our lifestyle, our home and our intentions. At our request, we have proceeded on a room-by-room basis, allowing time for thoughtful decisions and careful budgeting. From the start, Sarah quickly understood and helped us formulate the “big picture” goals for our home and for each room. Ever since, Sarah has led the way: She has proposed many great design and decorating ideas, (demonstrating an impressive eye for design and materials) identified and coordinated a series of highly qualified craftsmen and subcontractors, established and maintained schedules, headed off potential problems, beautifully reframed artwork and incorporated it (and some other furniture that we already owned) into her design work, resolved several thorny warrant issues associated with work that occurred before we hired her, and remained attentive to the myriad of details that can make or break a project… all while keeping us thoroughly and happily involved in the creative process, Sarah delivered timely and sound advice and represented our interests with clarity and vigor. She has shown remarkable patience, thoughtfulness and humor in collaborating with us on decisions large and small. The results are wonderful; that they have exceeded our highest expectations and brought such delight is a testament to our continued work with Sarah and to her valuable skills and guidance. We recommend her highly.


                                                                                                                             Sally - North Berkeley, CA

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